Offshore TLP Deck

Offshore TLP Deck
Offshore TLP Deck Offshore TLP Deck Offshore TLP Deck (click thumbnail to enlarge )

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Offshore TLP is an integrated platform that is stable and self-installable with a quayside-integrated deck and without the use of any temporary stability modules or an expensive heavy lift crane vessel. The novel hull form provides the superior efficiency, constructability, and hydrodynamic performance typical of a new generation TLP while having the stability necessary for quayside integration and commissioning, and provides a safe open-wellbay arrangement for drilling and production.

It significantly increases the water depths in which it can efficiently operate in both mild and hostile environments, as compared to existing TLPs. This is because the TLP is lighter and the mooring footprint is more effective.

integrated at quayside and precommissioned prior to transport. The platform is stable on its own during all preservice phases including ballasting down and installation, without use of any temporary stability modules or semisubmersible crane vessel, significantly reducing the complexity, weather dependence and risk exposure and reduced cost of the installation and reduced cost of offshore hookup and commissioning, at the same time providing additional flexibility in terms of the candidate vessels for the installation.

we are specialized to make the offshore model or rigs